• Image of Throwing on The Wheel for Teens
  • Image of Throwing on The Wheel for Teens

“He to whom Nature begins to reveal her open secret will feel an irresistible yearning for her most worthy interpreter, Art.” Goethe

Goals of this Course

This class will introduce beginners to the fundamental techniques of wedging, centering and opening up the clay, pulling up the walls of a cylinder, cutting the pot off the wheel head, trimming and glazing. More advanced students will learn how to pull and attach a handle, and make a fitted lid for a jar. All levels will focus on throwing techniques while learning to be aware of aesthetics; form, texture, negative space and color are all vital to our process. We will finish our time together by glazing our pots! Individual instruction will be given during each class to fit each student’s needs. All finished pots will be fired and ready for pick up by August 29th.

Required supplies for class:

Materials Provided: Clay. Glaze.

Tools Provided: Bucket, sponge, pin tool, fettling knife, rib, wooden trim tool, trimming tools, wire tool, towel

Bring: Sketchbook (or paper and pencil)

Recommended Text :

Susan Peterson’s The Craft and Art of Clay

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